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Each November, the area hosts a breakfast meeting. Tickets are priced such that the Area at least “breaks even” on the event. Contributions collected by “passing the basket” are donated to the General Service Office, known as a Special Contribution.


When they meet

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  • Solicits volunteers to serve on various sub-committees, such as ticket chair and hosts/hostesses chair

  • Having tickets printed and available for sale by June Area Committee Meeting

  • Developing flyers in English and Spanish and having sufficient copies made available by the June Area Committee Meeting

  • Facilitates developing the Gratitude Breakfast program

  • Has Grapevine items and WAIA literature made available for raffling at the Gratitude Breakfast

  • Works in consultation with the Area Chair to choose the speaker for the Gratitude Breakfast.

  • If the speaker for the Gratitude Breakfast is chosen within Area 13, the Chair of the Gratitude Breakfast Committee ensures that the necessary logistical arrangements for the speaker are made

  • If the speaker for the Gratitude Breakfast is chosen outside Area 13, the Delegate makes necessary logistical arrangements for the speaker

  • Serves as liaison with selected site for the event

  • Monitors sub-committees’ assignments to ensure timelines are being met

  • Arranges for the audio recording of the Gratitude Breakfast

  • Arranges for the Spanish and Sign Language interpretations

  • Monitors ticket sales progress in collaboration with the Ticket Chair/Co-Chair

  • Chair of the Gratitude Breakfast Committee or Ticket Chair/Co-Chair works closely with the Treasurer to ensure proper accounting of ticket sales

  • Makes certain all cash and checks received (e.g., ticket sales) are counted by at least two individuals before transferring monies to the Treasurer to ensure accurate accountability

The Gratitude Breakfast committee chair and co-chairs should be familiar with G.S.O.’s A.A. Guidelines (i.e., the yellow sheet) on Conferences and Conventions. When appointing co-chairs, the Gratitude Breakfast Chair should make sure that the different populations of Area 13 have representation; for example, if the Gratitude Breakfast Chairperson is from Prince George’s County, he or she should have co-chairs from Montgomery County, the District of Columbia, and one of the Spanish-language districts. The area maintains a workbook of tasks and responsibilities for the GB chair, along with a compilation from previous breakfasts.

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