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The Bridging the Gap Committee facilitates very important 12th step work by pairing alcoholics leaving a facility or institution with temporary A.A. contacts who take them to 5 or 6 meetings. In addition, temporary A.A. contact introduces them to A.A. literature, other members of the program and acquaint them with the need for a sponsor and familiarizes them with the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

When they meet

Please refer to calendar under the "Events" page for next meeting information

Volunteer Opportunities

Temporary A.A. Contact For Alcoholics Leaving Treatment or Incarceration

  • To volunteer as a temporary A.A. contact and help alcoholics get to meetings after being released from treatment (or in some cases incarceration) click here (

District Bridging The Gap Committees

  • District Bridging The Gap Committees work to bring Bridging The Gap presentations in to institutions (usually attached to a meeting) and train groups on how to properly facilitate Bridging the Gap Presentations

  • District Bridging The Gap Committees actively distribute Temporary A.A. Contact Volunteer Sign Up Forms to local groups and share this information with the Area 13 Bridging The Gap Committee

For other volunteer opportunities in the Bridging The Gap Committee please contact


Bridging the Gap activities include:

  • Visiting treatment facilities to show the film "Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous"

  • Making contact with treatment facilities to inform them about the temporary contact program

  • Facilitating regular presentations about Bridging the Gap program to alcoholics in treatment facilities

  • Making direct personal contact with clients before they are released from treatment.

  • Keeping a list of volunteers willing to take clients to an A.A. meeting on the day of the client’s release from treatment.

  • Explaining sponsorship to the newcomer and introduces them to fellow AA members.

  • Setting up a contact system for newly released clients.

  • Corresponding with AA members who are inmates in correctional facilities.

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