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Fill the Contact form to the right for the following:

  • For general inquiries

  • To request an A.A. speaker to speak at your local university, or high school

  • To request an presentation about A.A. (For Doctors, Lawyers, Clergy, Corrections Professionals, Legal Professionals, HR Professionals)

  • For A.A. General Service opportunities for A.A. members

  • Any suggestions for A.A. locally, or A.A. as a whole (e.g. updating service material such as pamphlets)

  • Any questions about A.A. General Service and how it helps the still suffering alcoholic or your group

  • Or any other inquiries about Alcoholics Anonymous or A.A. General Service

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 5673 Friendship Station Washington, DC 20016

Area General Contact Emails

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